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ForexBit Review


The name of this broker ForexBit suggests that the broker deals with the exchange of Forex, Cryptos and provides Contracts-for-Difference. The broker does not mention any account types on its website but shows some investment plans. The plans offered show growth in investments on an hourly basis. The website looks attractive but also seems misguiding. This ForexBit review will shed light on the characteristics and offerings of this broker. Don’t forget to follow this review completely for the sake of your investments.

About ForexBit:

The broker ForexBit offers trade-in FX and binary options. The assets provided by them are very broad. The assets consist of cryptos, indexes, lots of commodities, shares, bonds, and futures. The crypto-coin portfolio of this broker is also very wide and contains all major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, and minor ones like IOTA, ZCash, Ada, NEO, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar Lumens, and several others. The official website claims that potential customers of ForexBit are provided with MetaTrader5 trading platform.
The domain of this broker does not furnish information about its owner or manager. But interestingly it provides a company number on the top side of the website. When clicked on it, it redirects to a pdf file that mentions the owner's name and other details. The name of the owner turns out to be Donald Brian and a UK based address. Not surprisingly enough, such documentation and information must be treated as scam and misleading. No genuine broker has such a witty information system. Furthermore, the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK has blacklisted this shady broker on its website. So, it is clear that the broker ForexBit is unlicensed and unregulated. And its potential clients are prone to scam and their funds are not in the safe hands.
The initial investment required starts from $20 to $2500 according to the plans. The level 1 plan offers a 10% growth in 8 hours with a referral of 5%. The level 2 plan offers a 15% growth in 8 hours with a referral of 5%. The level 3 plan offers a 30% growth in 7 hours with a referral of 7%. And the advance plan offers a 55% growth in investment in just 4 hours with a referral of 8%. But the question of how ForexBit will achieve such high profit in such a less time is unanswered.

Is ForexBit scam or legit?

The answer to this question is straight forward, the broker ForexBit is a scam. The information provided on the website does not fulfill any trading criteria. It only asks for the investments. Furthermore, the great strategy for gaining such a huge profit in very less time is also not mentioned anywhere. The provided information on its owner is as shady as it gets. The referral system present makes it clear that the broker is not genuine and trying to make money merely by trader's investments and their referrals. Stay away from this cryptocurrency scam.
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The Forex aspect

Hey everyone. The other post about the value proposition of OMG had a comment that the forex aspect deserves it’s own thread, and I agree. I am very excited about this aspect, but I also have one major concern which I would like addressed.
The positive:
We all know the DAILY volume of forex is in the trillions. If we could even get a small share of that market, it would be epic.
The negative:
However, one major purpose of OMG is to allow communication between two siloed systems which cannot communicate together. I want to use my Delta air miles and you want to receive Yuan through Alipay. On the other hand, forex’s purpose is exchanging two currencies and they already do it very effectively, so why do they need OMG?
The middle ground:
If we talk about institutional forex, maybe the above is correct, so I guess we’re talking about hand to hand forex. A person from China travels across the border to Thailand, but the local currency exchange offers exorbitant fees to exchange money so they just want to pay with the cash they were already holding. I guess this is a form of forex, though I can’t imagine the amount will be in the trillions. It’s easy to track how much money is flowing through digital forex, but impossible (?) to know the total value of cash transactions. Anyway, it has previously been said that the reason plasma aims to process 1 million transactions per second is because that is the total amount of ALL transactions, including hand to hand cash.
Please tell me why I’m wrong! Or, why I’m right but that’s a good thing! :-D
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10 tips for Investing (A guide from a newb)

Hello all.
I will make this quite frank. I've been noticing dangerous advise being spread around the forums that is based too much on hype and I do not want the layman investor to suffer. We are all here to profit intelligently, not to gamble. So I would just like to offer a few tips to new investors of stellar. I am not a stock professional but have ties to the finance industry and have dabbled in forex and investments. I got burned so that you don't have to, so heed my advise. Especially since I have institutional friends who have helped me along the way (think Goldman, BNP, JP, etc).
1.) Do not over-diversify your portfolio but pay attention to exposure. Investing is all about the risk-reward ratio. Greater risk does not always mean greater reward. For example, I have 80% of my portfolio in traditional investment vehicles like real estate investment trusts, stocks, bonds, and exchange traded funds. 20% is for cryptos however this is what I consider my 'play' money since cryptos are a very young market, that is based more on potential rather than value (you can't gauge the financial health of crypto using traditional tools like cashflow analysis or price/earnings ratios). I think cryptos are incredibly valuable but going all in especially with the inflated nature of bitcoin, would be dangerous for any of you, so I would suggest you diversify between traditional and cryptos.
2.) Reduce crypto risk by analyzing competitors to your alt coin. As I said before, do not overcompensate this diversification but bet for and against a crypto. In forex institutions use this tool to limit exposure to currency volatility. Imagine you go long GBP/USD, then you should naturally short GBP/CAD to a degree in order to limit exposure, but maximize growth potential. In the crypto world crypto pairs aren't really traded so they are illiquid markets, but I would suggest hedging a bit of stellar with XRP and even bitcoin. With this strategy I have been able to mitigate my losses from the recent stellar drop. Picture cryptos as a ranked list with the most valuable on top and the worst in the bottom. If BTC is on the top of your ranked list and XLM is in 3rd place but XRP is in 2nd place, then short XRP/BTC and go long XRP/XLM. I know these pairings don't all exist but it's to give you an idea how to think about the market.
3.) Support and resistance is important for technical analysis. The way you determine this is simply by seeing the area where past price action has not been able to surpass (resistance) or where past price action has not been able to drop below (support). Usually when a support or resistance level is tested multiple times it becomes stronger. However, there are ways to guess how breakouts are formed. See the chart below.
In the chart you have what is called accumulation. The price keeps testing the 400 resistance mark, making it a stronger barrier, however every dip in price is higher than the proceeding dip. This signals that there is a solid accumulation that will result in a break out. Just because a price level is tested multiple times does not mean there is a break out. You need to usually have such an accumulation phase (think of the imagery of stairs). In the same chart you can also see the price has not been able to really go below 400 because it is the new support level and the more it tests it, the stronger the barrier will become.
4.) Statistics has a fine way of helping us in our journey. My best friend is a mathematician and was able to offer advise on statistical trend setting. He stated that the longer the trend is set, the higher probability that it will keep going in that direction. Sounds obvious right? Well there is some truth to this but this goes right to my next point.
5.) For every second and moment you have a position open you increase your risk exponentially. This is why high frequency trading exists. So I am trying to offer a nuanced point that while trend continuation is statistically likely, so is the exponential increase of risk. These two last tips are particularly for leveraged traders.
6.) Be creative. Try to implement value investing criteria on cryptos in order to assess the true value of your chosen currency, whatever that may be. It can truly be difficult for ones like Bitcoin but for centralized cryptos like XRP and non profits like XLM it isn't too difficult. I saw an investor here requesting stellars financial statements and had a slight grin. That is the type of investor you should be. Vigilant, because more than making money, we should all be focusing on protecting money. Do not be greedy, because you will be susceptible to hot tips and emotion. Make 'preserving' your capital a priority. As long as you are gaining above inflation, all of you are winning. And now...
7.) Luck number 7! Anyway, buying on the dips is a great strategy, especially when it is testing a support or resistance zone that has been tested a bit before. Buying into a dip in a zone that has only been tested once is a bit risky. You want to see a form of sustainable accumulation.
8.) Do not simply invest in a crypto purely based on the dip. I will admit I have done this sometimes to an extent and it is okay. But the point of this post is to encourage you to do your homework and measure valuations, based on market volume, liquidity, technological announcements, and financial statements. The reason I sometimes partially ignore this is because I usually enter investments to hold at least 8 months -1 year minimum.
9.) Centralization and decentralization do not matter in crypto. I know XRP gets hate and I'd prefer stellar lumens, but that is not purely a reason to not invest in a currency. With centralization you get more compliance and regulatory oversight which marks higher security in investment. Cryptos are amazing, but with institutional involvement, this is an important case to make.
10.) Governments do not have conventional ways to regulate cryptos, but they do have tools to manipulate the market, so be attentive. All it takes is one major country to become heavily involved, in order to ensure a large price drop.
11.) DO NOT SHORT! I REPEAT DO NOT SHORT! Leave this to the professionals. Whereas with buying a currency you have a limited downward risk (you only have the risk to lose all your money), with shorting you effectively have no price floor to limit risk and exposure since the price theoretically has unlimited growth potential. If you decide to short stellar at 0.10 cents then you can lose all your investment and even be in debt (depends on leveraging), because the price can go anywhere from 0 cents to infinity. When you buy, you limit your risk to 0 cents which is where you lose all your money, but maximize growth potential which is technically infinite. This plays into the concept that the longer you have a position open, the greater the exponential risk.
I hope you all enjoyed my guide. I am by no means an expert and am new to cryptos, however I've had associates involved for longer and friends that are also in finance (I worked in the back office of a private equity firm even though that wasn't glorious).
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Ripple (XRP) Analysis (quite thorough)

NOTE: I did not write this article below. I simply copy and pasted the article. Please click the following link to view the entire article. The article includes charts and images which were not transferred to the text below.
The Ripple(XRP) Effect - Fundamental Analysis: lennartbedrage44 in cryptocurrency ripple.jpg
Lately, there’s been a tremendous amount of buzz around Ripple(XRP), but is it only because of the massive growth we’ve seen in the past few 30 days, or is there something more?
In this article, I’ll dive into a brief back ground of Ripple, objectively examine the arguments for and against it, explore its potential from a economic standpoint, then close with potential threats to your investment and a summary.
Meet Ripple(XRP)-
Released in 2012, Ripple aims to enable “secure, instant and nearly free global financial transactions of any size with no chargebacks” through their real-time gross settlement system (RTGS) and currency exchange and remittance network. Ripples distributed open-source internet protocol consensus ledger was created as basic technology for interbank and regulated financial institutions to integrate Ripple into their own systems. This differs from the Bitcoin full node and other crowdsourced altcoin consensus networks in several ways:
Ripples common shared ledger is a network of independent validating servers which compare their transaction records, rather than the full network of nodes coming to consensus prior to each transaction, enabling faster transaction speeds. Although their protocol is open source, it was not created as a plug & play solution, like bitcoins full-node software, nor does it rely on crowd-sourced support. Unlike Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other Alt-coins, Ripple is recognized as legal tender by several governments, which gives it instant liquidity via financial institution, as well as purchasing power over material goods. Because of this, it cannot be evaluated in the same ways as other coins, which are largely evaluated based on assumptions & speculation. In terms of value, it’s more like cash than a commodity. Because of this, it is evaluated in a much different way than Ethereum(ETH) and other alt-coins with intrinsic value, but is accepted much more rapidly because it’s easy for the mass-market to understand. Remember: without market acceptance, there is not value, regardless of how innovative something may be.
Just 4 short years after its release, on 01MAY17, Ripple announced that a consortium of 47 banks have successfully completed a pilot implementation of Ripple in Japan, making it the first country in the world to enable domestic and international real time money transfers via the cryptocurrency. This event lead the XRP value to sky-rocket from $0.051580 USD to an all-time high of $0.430085 in just 16 days… but why? Is it 100% speculation, or is there something else going on here?
“It’s not a real cryptocurrency!” Or is it? Well, those whom bring this argument to the table are probably referencing facts that I’ve mention during my introduction to Ripple: Its a centralized and regulated crypto-currency which does not need global consensus for transfers, and it is built specifically for (and potentially by) financial institutions. Though a lot of the Anarcho-Capitalists may want to steer clear of this one due to its highly regulated nature, regular capitalist may believe these core differences to be its greatest strengths:
Regulated - As I mentioned in my analysis on Ethereum(ETH), Bitcoin’s lack of regulation was likely he reason (or at least, that’s what they told us) that the proposed ETF failed to pass the SEC’s evaluation several months ago. If adhering to some sort of trusted regulatory standards, this could drive federal confidence, which in turn drive bank and lending institution faith…trickling all the way down to the consumers. This insures rapid mass market acceptance. Consensus - As mentioned before this is much different process than Bitcoin’s global consensus, which means that transaction times are nearly instant regardless of volume transferred. Additionally, all transfers adhere to distributive ledgers DLT standards, which is a requirement for many financial institutions to be insurable. Institutional Management - You’ve probably guessed this one already. Although the demand and speculative value is driven at some capacity by ‘the people’, this currency is about as close to the World bank and SWIFT as you can get. This is largely due to the amount Deliberate - It feels like a big bank, because it is. Ripple was built specifically for the financial markets, which is why they specifically targeted regulatory compliance. shutterstock_289877267_long_read_cover_large.jpg
Economic Value As mentioned in the last point, Its easy to see that Ripple offers tremendous value to financial-institutions and retail investors. These two groups make up 358 billion (numbers from 2013) non-cash cross-country annual transactions, and the FOREX market which sees more than $5.1 trillion $USD each day. Per a report released by Capgemini and The Royal Bank of Scotland, this is growing at an average rate of about 7.5% each year globally, though China and other Emerging Asian economies have been leading the charge at around 21%.
Seems like a lot, right? Well, for sake of uncovering the immediate value of XRP, we will zoom into the recent adopters of the distributed ledger technology: Japan, India, and the Central Europe, Middle East & Africa(CEMEA) regions.
Japan is the third largest economy in the world by nominal GDP ($6.11 trillion), fourth by purchasing power parity(PPP) and second largest developed economy. Currently, their GDP per capita is roughly $48,412 (vs $56,430 in US) and their major trade partners include the US, China, Hong Kong, Australia and South Korea.
Japan GDP.png
Aside from the speculation that they maybe soon pressure their trade partners (excluding the US and China) to adopt a system which allows for instant, near free transfers of funds, here’s where it gets interesting for the immediate future: Japan has already started accepting Ripple(XRP) as legal tender. If Ripple raises to just 25% of the overall transaction volume of P2P, P2B & B2B within Japan itself (represented in the chart by Other Services, Real Estate, Retail, Transport, Communications, Finance & Utilities) which is equal to about 20% of their overall economy, Ripple would be handling roughly $1.27 trillion USD in Japan – alone - every year. To put that in perspective, the current (at the time of writing) market capitalization of Bitcoin(BTC) is $30.7 billion USD (or >0.4%). Unlike Bitcoin, Ripple is legal tender which means that it can be exchanged for material goods and services, which means that it’s likely to have explosive acceptance in the local area.
India-based Axis Bank announced in April that they will soon begin leveraging distributed ledger tech for cross-border transactions and to make banking simple and convenient for their customers. About 15 days’ prior, another large financial institution, Yes Bank, also announced that they would be adopting Ripples ledger for the same reasons. If Ripple continues to grow in acceptance at this rate in India, we could see another economy, roughly 1/3 the size of Japan’s ($2.074 trillion USD) add to Ripples annual transaction value. Now, from an economic stand point, this is most interesting because agriculture represents more than 50% of India’s employment, which means that India would be the 2nd case of consumer trading Ripple for staple foods.
India GDP.png
It is likely that Ripple will not handle as large of a percentage of overall transaction volumes in India because only two major banks have adopted this currency and it is not the only Crypto. The latter is probably one of the most important variables, as this means that Ripple will be duking it out for market dominancy. As all of my projections are fairly conservative, I would estimate that Ripple will handle roughly 10% of India’s over all transaction volume in the next 365 days, equal to roughly $311.1 billion USD.
One last thing that I would like to mention is that India is literally the ‘I’ in BRIC and roughly 13% of the BRIC countries total output. If the BRIC comes to fruition, India may be able to convince it’s other close trade partners to jump on the XRP-Train as well.
Abu Dhabi Bank, the National and largest bank of the UAE, has already begun offering cross-border transaction services with Ripples distributive ledger technology as well. As they deal extensively with their middle eastern neighbors, such as Saudi Arabia, and Qatar, the UAE is likely to set a trend for other CEMEA countries to follow.
This might be a surprise to some people, but Dubai’s largest industry is the energy sector (shocker!) followed closely by Real Estate and their Finance industry (double shocker!). Although their GPD is much smaller than Japan and India’s (about $370 billion USD), I am anticipating Ripple to handle a larger percent of the UAE’s transaction volume (31.11%), especially in the finance, Real Estate, Retail and Logistics industries. This is due largely to the fact that their population is only roughly 9.157 million, but most Abu Dhabi nationals are very financially inclined (or at least heavy spenders).
Potential Threats As this threatens SWIFT (unless they are completely on board) and the US dollars’ supremacy in the economic & financial markets, I would not be surprised to see a false flag attack, in which the NSA attacks Ripple and blames it on North Korea or China. Frankly, this would be a cake walk compared to Stuxnet or WannaCry and they could probably hand the task to an MIT intern. Where semi-centralization is Ripples strength in terms of transaction speed and regulation, it is also the biggest security flaw and may open it’s user to some heart ache, hair loss and heavy drinking over the next several years.
Possibility So, what is possible in terms of value over the next few years? Well, if we consider the following scenario:
XRP accounts for roughly 20% of Japan, India full GDP, but 31.1% UAE’s GDP ($7.152 Trillion USD) total exchange volume in the next 2 years Max XRP Supply stays at 100 billion No other countries adopt XRP (not likely) No hacks or other catastrophic events remove confidence Exclude speculation, demand, rallies, and GDP growth projections for each country Then we’re looking at each Ripple(XRP) market capitalization over ~$1.75 Trillion USD, making each coin $17.52 in real value. This means that if you were to invest today at $0.362794, your ROI would be about 4,989%. That said, I think that it’s likely it will go over $30 in the next 2 years, due to speculators flooding the markets and other countries signing up. Again, these are conservative numbers are based on total transaction value in USD equivalent.
For those whom subscribe, I will update as new variables are available to my appraisal
Bottom Line Although it was most definitely created by an insider of the banking industry and does not ‘feel like a crypto’, I personally feel that due to its rapid market acceptance, liquidity and position as legal tender in 3 large economies, Ripple(XRP) is both primed for explosive growth in the near future and likely to be one of the safest value based Crypto-investments we can make today.
Another thing, China is the anchor of the West Pacific, so we should all watch their evaluation of Ripple, very closely. If they were to jump on the XRP-Train, you are likely to see Australia, South Korea, Indonesia and Singapore do the same.
If you enjoyed this article, be sure to share & subscribe, as I have kept my proprietary models and will update as major events and additional countries begin to adopt this currency. If you feel that I have missed something or am just flat out wrong, please be sure to let me know in the comments below!
Planned articles for the next 14 days:
ICO advice from a Venture Capitalist (Follower Request) Paper Wallets (Follower Request) VIVA Analysis (Follower Request) Segregated Witness(Segwit) : Friend or Foe? A Kraken ate my gains... Fundamental Analysis: Stellar Lumens(XLM) Dual-Citizenship and Banking in Panama Rich vs. Wealthy All analysis, numbers and projections are my own. Core information was gathered from reliable sources, such as the World Bank, IMF, CIA world fact book, eia.gov and more.
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XLM taken hostage by Changelly

Hi there,
I have been having issues changing XLM with Changelly, it's been 20 hours and I'm still waiting for my transaction there to be processed. I raised a support ticket, no response for hours, turned to Twitter and Reddit, no response. I finally received an email from support telling me they have issues with XLM and that the team is working on fixing the problem. In the meantime, my XLM are somewhere in limbo and I have no clue what's going to happen (refund or exchanged, I'm at the mercy of market fluctuations at a crazy moment, who knows what will happen today). They did not inform anyone on public channels that there is an issue with XLM, worst you can still initiate a XLM transaction as I write this, meaning you will get stuck in that mess if you do.
Changelly claims to be the smoothest instant cryptocurrency exchange and to have 500,000 satisfied users. How I bought this claim is beyond me, I didn't do my research and was overwhelmed by the number of negative reviews these guys have, 500,000 users perhaps, satisfied, I doubt it. I read people still waiting for their money days after transactions were initiated, and since exchange rates are not fixed, any delay can cause you heavy losses. They are also expensive, and the rates on some pairs are plain disgusting (https://www.reddit.com/Changelly/comments/7f4quq/fees_now_50/). I have a particular hatred for Travelex, the forex company, they scam people who should know better, usually at airports. Changelly is like Travelex, for cryptoassets. Changelly was advertised by Stellar this week, but do yourself a favour and stay away from this company. Especially if you want to exchange your lumens.
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Current holdings and reasoning - feedback welcome

Here are my current longer term investments.
Ethereum - Obvious reasons.
Cardano - PoS dApps platform with more flexibility as it is designed in layers for easier maintenance and soft forks. Has great potential, but has no working product as of yet. Founded by Ethereum's co-founder.
Ripple - Emphasis on fast, low-cost transactions and micropayments. Intended for liquidity in the forex market between banks - therefore centralised and run by banks, which could very well be the reason it is getting big.
Stellar Lumens - Basically decentralised Ripple without bank partnerships. Same founder as Ripple's. I see no reason it couldn't blow up just like Ripple did.
RaiBlocks - Instant, fee-less micropayments. In theory, if it works out, it could solve the scalability problem. Rumours of rebranding to Nano. Also getting integrated with Ledger. Getting added to Binance soon.
Request - Decentralised PayPal for short. Mainnet release this year. Recently introduced JS library to build on top of their network.
Walton - Combining RFID and blockchain technology for decentralising the supply chain and providing a product's origin and history. Unlike VeChain, it has hardware competence. Relatively low market cap.
Kin - Use in everyday digital services such as chat, social media, and payments. Integration with the Kik app, a messaging platform with >15 million monthly active users, is coming.
Tron - Blockchain-based ecosystem for digital content. Total control and ownership of the data you create, without intermediaries like Google Play or Apple Store, therefore eliminating fees for creators.
FunFair - Decentralised casino. Public release to the main Ethereum network by the end of March.
Lisk - A side-chain and blockchain application framework. Release this year.
In consideration: WAX, IOTA, NEM, Litecoin.
I would love some feedback from you. What should I drop or change? Suggestions are welcome.
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5-Minute Market Update - Forex, Stocks, Crypto - Stellar Lumens XLM Airdrop Analysis Образовательный Центр Lumen - YouTube Stellar Lumens Crypto Currency Trade CADASTRO NA BLOCKCHAIN + 50 USD EM XLM GRÁTIS Create Lumen Restful Api ( OAuth 2.0) Part 1 Investment Strategy for Stellar Lumens (XLM) Using Fibonacci, Ichimoku

Für wen eignet sich der FOREX-Handel? Wie kann ich geschickter mit Geld umgehen? Welche sofort wirksamen Spielregeln gibt es zur verbesserten Steuerung der Einnahmen und Ausgaben? mehr erfahren. Männertraining. Was macht einen richtigen Mann aus? Wie ticken Frauen? Welches sind die typischen Missverständnisse zwischen Mann und Frau? Welche täglichen Übungen und Routinen helfen im Alltag ... Forex.com; Wallets › CoolBitX ... Lumen sind die Tokens, die vom Stellar-Netz verwendet werden, um Geldbeträge zu senden und Währungen umzurechnen. Das Netzwerk selbst ist ein dezentralisiertes Peer-to-Peer-Netzwerk. Lumens ermöglichen es, dass eine Währungsart von einem Peer gesendet wird und als eine andere Währung beim Empfänger ankommt. Auf dem Weg zum Empfänger durchläuft es ... Forex. Essentials of forex trading with Lumentrades. With over 200 forex pairs in our market coverage, you can trade your favorite pairs, with our top notch technology, our state of the art tools and advice from our team of Pro traders who will share ideas with you from their wealth of experience. Open an account. Benefits of trading forex with Lumentrades. No extra charges - At Lumentrades we ... We trade stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, ETFs and mutual funds. Also we offer client-aided services such as account management services. We are one of the few brokers that allow traders to trade foreign stocks, with over 60 foreign stock exchanges, over 250 forex pairs, 1500+ mutual funds, and over 120 cryptcurrencies within our market coverage. Moreover, we have educational tools such as ... Lumen Technologies, Inc. LUMN, previously known as CenturyLink, is scheduled to report third-quarter 2020 results on Nov 4, after the closing bell. In the June quarter, the company delivered a ... EOS, Stellar’s Lumen, and Tron’s TRX – Daily Analysis – November 11th, 2020 It’s a bullish start to the day for the majors. Steering clear of the day’s pivot levels would keep ... Discover the best online broker for online trading, investment opportunities using trading tools to gain your financial goals. Trade and invest efficiently in one click with Lumentrades! What do you think about such a buying opportunity? The price bounced from SMA200 and we god a reversal signal. RSI and MACD histogram confirmed the price reversal. It gave us a trade signal in the direction of the bullish trend. I missed the right entry point but it is possible to wait for a pullback or open long positions using the current prices. Here is an example of a long trade: Buy above ... Wolumen na rynku Forex to dość popularny temat w naszym kraju, a jego pojawienie się zostało przyjęte z dużym zainteresowaniem, które – jak się wydaje – wciąż trwa. Stąd też warto odpowiedzieć na pytanie, jak to jest z tym wolumenem rzeczywistym, dostępnym dla graczy detalicznych na różnych platformach. Zacząć należy oczywiście od początku, jeśli chodzi o etapy ... Rzeczywisty wolumen FOREX. Dołącz do profesjonalistów. Jako pierwsi w Polsce dostarczamy inwestorom indywidualnym kompletne rozwiązanie do analizy wolumenu i orderflow. Cena i wolumen. Na tych dwóch danych opiera się cała analiza techniczna. Miliony spojrzeń, tysiące wskaźników i setki teorii, wszystkie jako fundament wykorzystują maksymalnie dwie dane - cenę i wolumen. Jeśli Ty ...

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5-Minute Market Update - Forex, Stocks, Crypto - Stellar Lumens XLM Airdrop Analysis

I’m talking about Stellar Lumens, a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost. After its sudden surge to the all-time-high ... Вебинар на тему "Объёмы и залог успеха на Forex" No views; 1 year ago ; This item has been hidden. Popular uploads Play all. 50:01. Онлайн торговля c ... Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money than can be ... Free Live Forex Signals 24/7 - EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY XUGUSD XAUUSD H1 Cas Lu Forex 7 watching Live now Ganhe dinheiro na internet coinbase xlm airdrop ganhe também BAT+ZCASH+0X ... Recommend Forex Broker: https: ... (Stellar Lumens) 개념, 투자가치, 구매방법, 가격전망 - Duration: 16:09. [비트코인]킬러웨일 - KillaWhale Recommended for you. 16:09 . Warren ... It’s this week in forex, cryptocurrency, and stocks with Invest Diva, I’m your coach, Kiana Danial and I’ll give you your 5-minute overview of these markets in just a moment, but before we ... rest api starter project based on lumen 5.4 framework using auth 2.0 aka lumen-passport, dingo api,lumen-generator and laravel cors.